Shrader Retreading
A Division of Craft Tire Inc.

Shrader's MARANGONI-MAMMUTH Retreading System is your  best choice to extend the life of your casings!
Tires are inflated during the buffing, building and cutting proccess to ensure proper profile and avoid an out-of-round tire that could lead to uneven wear.
Heat sensors control the rubber temperature as it is being applied to the casing to provide for consistency

A microprocessor, preprogrammed according to tire size, makes sure the proper tread depth and pattern are applied to meet exacting specifications.
Our six curing chambers place the tire in a relaxed state and cures in all directions at a lower temperature than mold cures allowing for more retreads per casing.

Shrader Retreading also has specialized equipment to handle your Foam Filled and Solid tires.

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