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Craft Tire was started in 1975 by Allen Craft who was a veteran of the OTR tire business, having worked for Brad Ragan, Inc. in the early 70's.          

Using his experience with OTR tires, Allen continued to expand his business with the philosophy of doing repairs right and treating the customer fairly.

(Craft Tire's current location in Uniontown, PA)

After years of building up his OTR repair business Craft Tire moved into its current location in 1996.  In 2000 Allen decided that further growth was needed to stay competitive and Craft Tire began retreading their own casings that they had previously been selling to other retreaders.  Through all of the growing pains associated with that decision Craft Tire remained true to their plan and found success once again.

Still eager to get bigger, Allen expanded further with the purchase of the Shrader Retreading plant in Greenville, OH in 2003.  Now with two retread plants and five trucks covering 16 states Craft Tire and Shrader Retreading became a force in the industry.

(One of Shrader Retreadings five trucks being loaded in Uniontown, PA)

Expansion continued for the next 2 years as new equipment, including a third chamber and second large mill, were added at the Uniontown location.

Allen passed away in December, 2005 and ownership was transfered to his wife Tessie Craft.  Mark Goodes, formerly of Brad Ragan, Inc. and a Craft salesman since 2000, was named CEO.  Gene Williams, a former Shrader employee with over 35 years of experience working for various companies in the industry, was named General Manager of Shrader in 2006.

Craft Tire and Shrader Retreading have continued to grow and push for expansion as they follow the path that was laid out for them by Allen over 30 years ago.